Excess Consulting PLC

Excess consulting is a consulting firm based in Addis Ababa. It is stablished to assist a wide range of organizations by conduct rigorous assessment to optimize their systems, procedures, and practices.

Company Background

Excess consulting is a consulting firm based in Addis Ababa. Excess provides partnership for excellence with professionals of high caliber. Our consultants have extensive track record in private and public sectors. Experts of Excess have wide range of fields and disciplines to provide unique and all rounded technical supports. Our firm follows a well-accepted research methodology involving an extensive examination of internal/external environmental factors, the review of recent situation, and data driven innovative recommendation. Our approach to strategic planning is guided by the principles of collaboration and triangulation to deliver high quality services
Due to the complex nature of the implementation process, monitoring and evaluation is one of the key areas in undertaking any project. Failure. It important to assess whether the project is going well to achieve the desired goal. Excess consulting will help governmental, nongovernmental, bilateral, and multilateral organizations to suitably put their projects and policies into practice through its comprehensive monitoring and evaluation services

Meet the team

The team composed by Excess consulting have an extensive experience in providing high quality technical support. Excess consulting offers innovative advice, workable solutions, and implementation support to enable clients achieve maximum outcome.

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We strongly believe in Sharing Expertise, and Building Relationships.